Blue Pencil to Black ink

I've been working on this for a long time.... about 6 years. Hahaha. Not constantly.

Realistic Style Drawing

I'm supervising this new show. It's about Pirates.

Street Corner

I was watching the girls Olympic Gold Medal Game as I was finishing his drawing. Some drawings take me back to a special game I was watching. Go Canada Go!

FinishEye Lens Design

Any location design should not be used for a layout. A location design is to get to know your environment and gather information. A layout has to consider space for action of characters and can have the items moved around and to have better composition.
A location design perspective never seems to match a scene layout drawing even though some like to force it/copy it. They quickly come to realize the problems this causes.

Roughs for a show that has a realistic style... totally up my alley.

Layout Sketches


 Cleaned up

 I love doing layouts. Even after 18 years in this industry, it's still fun. This is one of my passions.